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This site was last updated on March 22nd, 2024.


I bought a garb

March 22nd, 2024.

Haven't bought a new phone in a while so I decided to search for some on ebay. Absolutely nothing caught my eye until I stumbled upon...it.

Out of all of the CDM-7025's, the USC one is the most interesting to me. Mainly because (you guessed it) the design. Compared to all of the other generic 7025 designs, this one's the most appealing to me. On top of that it was only $6. So I knew it had to be mine.


New phone! Mitsubishi D505i + My worst experience with flash rot

March 22nd, 2024.

*sighs* ...where do I even begin...

In January, I decided to import some Japanese phone, and the D505i caught my eye. I mainly wanted one in white but I only had enough to afford a black one, so I just got that instead.

And now here it is with me. My favorite Japanese phone...hopefully nothing happens to it which causes the phone to NOT TURN ON ANYMORE


When I came from from school one day to power it on...it wouldn't turn on anymore. The light was blinking at the bottom, but it wouldn't do anything besides that. It's as useless as a glass hammer now since I could literally do nothing with it. My favorite Japanese phone, now sitting in my phone collection dead


A little update

February 6th, 2024.

I've awoken from my grave to give my nonexistant audience a little update! I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts. School has mentally destoryed me this and last month which led me to procrastinate more often than usual. I was planning on making a post about some new phones I got this January but I chose not to. You can see the failed post here. I mean I could continue to work on the post and talk about whatever I'm going to talk about here there...but not only am I lazy, but some of phones are not in my possession right now. Moving on...I still will try and continue doing more of those "New phone!" posts mainly to keep this website more relevant. In fact I might talk about my D505i and it randomly dying on me a few days after I got it... tomorrow. I'll also bring back reviews! But I'll try and make them shorter than before. I was reading my old A940 review and got second-hand embarassment from it because it was filled with so much over exaggeration...ugh. I'm also aware of this site turning one year old which I wanted to make a post about but didn't due to my lovely friend porcrastination. Anyways I'll just end this here since I don't have much else to say. :P


New phone! Sharp 920SH!

November 29th, 2023.

My first ever softbank phone, the 920SH!

I must say, its design is really appealing. I would love to actually use this thing, but the battery is drained and my universal charger is unable to charge its battery. Because of this, I won't be saying much about it.


New phone! Sharp Z800

November 2nd, 2023.

After more than one year of searching for this phone, it's finally in my possession. The Sharp Z800!

The moment I saw this thing on eBay, I knew it had to be mine. So like the idiot I was, I offered on it without having any money to buy it. The person who was selling this phone accepted my offer. I was happy, but I had no money. I told the seller they would have to wait a while for me to pay and thankfully they were completely understanding. Several days pass and I now finally have the money to pay for this thing, so I gave the seller my money and a day after that they shipped the phone. And now, here I am with this unknown gem. It even came fully boxed as well.


SK 6000 Review - The weirdest slider phone

May 13th, 2023.

Hello all! I'm finally back after several months of inactivity on this site. Before I start this review, I would like to note that I won't be as active as I wanted to be before. This is mainly because of my laziness busyness...yeah...anyways, we will now get started

This phone is the SK 6000

There may not be anything weird about it when it comes up to design...but what I've experienced with this phone made me think differently

I will admit though, it's design is really nice. I love sliders like this. What's even more unique about this thing is that it doesn't include a camera, unlike most sliders. In my opinion that and it's weirdness makes it stand out in my collection.

Now, let's showcase the device turning on and see what weirdness it had to offer for us...

I honestly quite like the splash screen on this phone. Especially the quote "SK. U see it. U want it" which isn't wrong since I want a lot of SK phones like these but yeah

It also has a nice boot animation. Funny enough, this animation has appeared on many pelephone devices such as this one

Now we finally get into the phones home screen...nothing too weird though, yet. Let's start entering into the menu

I honestly really like the menu of this thing, despite you only having five things to choose from. I like their little expressions and everything. It seems so weird yet so wholesome. It's almost like those icons have personality. I also like how some get sad when you don't choose them, if you look closely enough you could see that. Now let's move on to something I especially find weird

IT USES A REBADGED MPLAYON THING INSTEAD OF BREW WITHOUT IT HAVING A KOREAN VARIANT?! WHAT?! I mean, it isn't a bad thing (I find it really interesting) but it still would've made more sense to me if this thing used brew. Sadly, my unit has no apps from the old owner. If it did, I would've showcased them here...

Also this thing does have some funny grammar moments. I won't make fun of it too much since the phone isn't American but whatever

Anyways, now time to give my final thoughts on this thing

This thing is a really weird, but awesome device. If anything, it has to be one of my favorite slider phones (tied with the SCH-M309). It's weirdness makes me adore the thing and I love that. I'll give this phone a 8.5/10, Amazing! I would definitely recommend this device to you, but it's really hard to come across. You'd most likely find one in Israel, where it was released. If you do ever end up finding such a rare gem like this, get it without thinking twice. Devices like these really need more attention shined onto them and it's sad that they don't get that much recognition. This is the end of the review, goodbye.


Samsung SPH-A940 Review - The rare unique flip phone

January 6th, 2023.

The phone that's currently being pictured is the Samsung SPH-A940.

You may notice something seems to be a bit off with the model I have displayed. While the phone is known for having the newer sprint logo on it. This one I have here has the older sprint logo. This is because this phone is a PROTOTYPE. I got this in a phone lot in October of 2022. I was lucky enough to stumble upon with some other phones I wanted in my collection. Thankfully, it works.

Flipped up, the phone looks spectacular. I adore it's wonderful design as you could tell. Samsung did a wonderful job on it and I applaud them for that.

It also looks very appealing flipped down. The music buttons, external display, and speakers were perfectly placed if you couldn't tell.

Now that were done looking at it's design, let's boot it up and see what this phone has to offer for us. Hopefully, we get to view something interesting, as that's what we're hoping to see for pretty much any phone this phone.

Well would you look at that! It has the sprint cube animation! The newer sprint logo A940 has a different, less appealing splash and startup animation than it's prototype counterpart, which is being displayed right now. Anyways, let's hope this thing isn't a dissapointment, as we are already looking forward to it.

The menu on this thing is awesome. I love it. Who wouldn't like a menu like this?

Anyways, do you want to know what I really find interesting about this thing? You obviously may think it's the fact that this phone has a swivel screen, but I find this other feature it has slightly more interesting than the swivel screen. Motion Fun! On this phone it was referred to as "G-Fun" since this is not only one of the earlier beta vairants of Motion Fun, but one of the first. Basically, you shake the phone around and it does these cool interesting effects like rolling dice, picking random numbers, and apparently...beepboxing? Those were the only features of motion fun. There was another one called "Compass" that I'll get into later, on the much earlier A940. For now, take a look at these pictures.

These are the best examples I could give on what motion fun is. It's such a amazing feautre. As far as I know it was also on the SPH-A900, SPH-A920, and SPH-A960. I find it awful it didn't make it on the SPH-A800, which yes, I do have but it has no Motion or "G" fun.

Anyways, before we move on, we will be looking at the camera.

It has a 2 megapixel camera, with 2X Optical Zoom which was visibly placed right on the hinge. Despite this being one of the coolest features on the phone, it comes with some disadvantages. To take a picture or a video, you are inevitably forced to swivel the screen in order to do so, which in my opinion, is uncomforting. I'm not alone when I think that, many other people agree on PhoneScoop. While I was looking for reviews on this phone, I saw quite a couple people mention how unconforting it is, and I don't blame them. No one would want to do that. They also mentioned how blurry the photos they took were, and considered the camera as a disadvantage because of that. That's all about the camera for now.

Now that were done with that A940, it's time to show you something much more interesting. This variant of the A940 was not talked about anywhere besides phonearena. And I'll be showing it off here. Here it is!

This right here is the eariler A940! It is pretty unfinished, as the model being shown here doesn't have the d-pad working, so I can't review much sadly. Anyways, let's turn it on.

Oh that's nice, the splash differs from the newer and less older A940. Very interesting.

Beautiful. I genuinely hate how this UI variant was not feautred on the even later and retail A940. What made them scrap it anyways? This is also similar to the Samsung SPH-A800's menu option. This is almost like a flipped variant of it, but with more features added.

Anyways, remember the "Compass" Motion or "G" fun feature I talked about eariler on this review? Well, this phone has just that! It was unreleased, but you couldn't do much with it anyway, either that or I really didn't get to experience it as much as the other three motion or "G" fun features. Here are two pictures collided together showing off this feature.

Now let's talk about this things camera. It's...literally the same as the less older and newer A940. Nothing else to say about it. Moving on.

Anyways, this review is finally finished! Here is what I think of these phones overall.

These phones are just excellent! Although they do have some downfalls like I metioned eariler they still are really great phones. My total score for both of them is a 9/10, Excellent! I recommend you try and look for one of these and if you end up finding one, SNAG IT. URGENTLY. Hopefully I am fortunate to come across the Chinese (China Unicom) vairant of this phone soon (SCH-M329) or the KTF version of this phone (SPH-V5100) as those two seem really unique to me. Anyways, goodbye.

UPDATE as of March 2nd, 2024: This phone now has its very own mini showcase video! Watch it here:

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